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Over 1.8 Million Acres Cleaned!


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The Adopt-a-Forest program enjoys a wide network of volunteers (approximately 10,000 statewide).  We receive $25,000 annually from the State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources, to be used solely on landfill fees. We also apply every year for grants from the Department of Environmental Quality for disposal of scrap tires. 

While these funds absorb most of the cost of trash disposal, they do not address items seriously needed by the program including: large equipment fees; tools and supplies such as shovels, work gloves, and trash bags; education costs; display updates; and so forth.  Many large dumpsites have been left unattended for years because we were unable to assist with these needs. 

Your tax-deductible donation can help us address some of the worse areas in the state.  Donating partners are recognized in newsletters, on our website, and in the media whenever possible.

If you have supplies you'd like to donate, contact us and we'll arrange to pick up the items.  If you have large equipment you'd like to make available to our projects, we will add you to a list in the area you are willing to assist.

Many of our volunteers have worked for years removing trash from public land with no recognition whatsoever. Therefore, we try to nominate our volunteers for awards as often as possible.  The generosity of local businesses have also allowed us to host three statewide picnics (1997, 1999 and 2003) honoring our volunteers.  We continue to accept items that are suitable for volunteer recognition or for use at an Adopt-a-Forest event.   Suggestions include (but are not limited to) gift certificates, food certificates, T-shirts, coffee mugs, seed packets, trinkets, etc.  Gifts that are available in a geographic area (such as food certificates for restaurants), are generally sent to outstanding volunteers in that area with a thank you letter. 

Click to contact us about your donation!

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